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June 11, 2012
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GA- Tigras Punishmentby roketto-neko

Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Other©2012-2014 roketto-neko
Comments are fine BUT NO FLAMES please. (Got a problem with that and just hit the "back button", thank you.^^)

I do not accept art requests. If you want one go to my journal entry ONLY. Thanks! Do NOT like these type of art dohickies? HIT THE BACK BUTTON. 8D

From :iconspanking-fanart:
LONG overdue gift art for :iconria2woodlands:
was meaning to finish this sooner. XD,
But been having computer issues in the past.

Ever since I came back from Comi-con I been having inspiration to continue to do more artwork. X3,
Sorry took forever!

Yesh it is Tigra spanking the Thunder Kittens from Thundercats. (The original pwnsome series from while back.)
Odd "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in my itunes when I was finishing this pic up. :lmao:

art by *roketto-neko (me 8D)
tigra (c) marvel
wiley kit wiley kat (c) thundercats
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